Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Dreams. I'm Sorry.

Had two terrible dreams the past two nights.  I've mentioned before how I cannot dream cheat, right?  Well they ran true to form.

In the first, I was lazily seducing a friend of mine.  I was about 10 years older in my dream and very, very thin.  I was wearing a cardigan with the sleeves rolled up.  He didn't want to be seduced and was crying as he took off his clothes.  Very depressing.

In last night's dream, I was Marcia Brady about to have a threesome...or is it foursome...anyway it was with three hot high school boys.  But even though it was my idea, I couldn't get it done.  I had to shave my legs, then my armpits, then I had to run back for perfume.  Then my clothes wouldn't come off. I kept trying to take off my shirt, but there was always another one underneath.  Why?  WHY?  They were hot.  It could have been awesome.  But no.

Anyway, I certainly won't be posting any of that on facebook.